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The Marketing Advantage Web Site for only $750. This takes our basic plan to the next level. It includes marketing and advertising to get your business found.

The Process:

1) Initial Meeting
Our first meeting is a informational gathering session, so be prepared. We will need your input as to what you what to
say and the history about your business. We will also set
forth an idea and a implementaion plan.

2) First Look
This will be you first look at the raw site. It is also a review
of the content and a time for putting together any additional
material and to make changes.

3) Marketing and Advertising
A marketing and advertising budget is incorporated into a
overall stratagy to get your business in front of your desired customer. This is accomplished by using our proven system.

4) Final Meeting
A look at the completed site. A final review and any final
changes will be made. The site will be launched after the
client has signed off on the completed package.

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